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  1. Last week
  2. Oh my, it's has been a while since I've been online here :/ Hopefully, this site is still active...

    1. Andrew Ashford

      Andrew Ashford

      Who you tellin' I haven't been on this site in a good minute :P

    2. Alento


      Dont know where everyone is

    3. Dec Fox

      Dec Fox

      Hey Livy, Welcome back!! We are still very much an active community. With some awesome updates on the way in the upcoming weeks!! 😁

      We also have a cool new social network www.myfriendtalk.com 


  3. Earlier
  4. Hey, where have u been?

  5. Not been on here in a long while, but eh, I miss it! Might stop in every so often- how are you all?

    1. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      Hey welcome back my dude! 

    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      hello roland how are you?

  6. Hey Roland! Long time no talk my friend, how are you? 

    1. Roland Leigh

      Roland Leigh

      I'm good thanks! Yourself?


    2. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      I am doing good. Just miss stopping in with my friend in Smallworlds, but I can surely stop in here and talk to you haha! 

  7. How do we get a hold of Brad nowadays? Been trying to reach him, lol. 

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i haven't spoke to brad in a while but hopefully he will be on this site soon.

  8. hello everyone. I was just looking through my emails and saw the site is back and so am I :D. 

  9. Hi everyone!

  10. my farm on farmville2 looked like this the other day. farmville 2 is an alright game on facebook that is about growing crops and your farm. You can plant alsorts of things and then you can use the things you harvest to make food. You can sell what you grow or use them to create food that sells for more. I like the game because you can buy and look after many farm animals too.

    robot fRM.jpg

  11. i have been playing sims 3, farmville 2 and avakin lately. this is a video i did on sims. one of my houses got a bit messy.

    1. Chilli Rivera

      Chilli Rivera

      LOL! Were you the one who had to clean up or the other one who snuck in for some zzz's in bed? - she was a bit cheeky, eh?


  12. one of my favorite songs ;'D

    1. Austin Kincaid

      Austin Kincaid

      This song is my life. 

  13. :D

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      how about a scarf and the guy throws scarf on the lady lol xD

  14. https://discord.gg/CThAAJ


    hi everyone so lately I decided to go and create a new group on discord 'Bring smallworlds back'. If anyone wants to join it you might be able to click that link. If anyone happens to be on the discord then go ahead and join if you like.

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz


      this group is aqua lounge another smallworlds discord group my friend made. Feel free to join aqua lounge too if you are on discord at anytime.

    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i'm also going to be telling people about the swfansites very shortly also on discord


    3. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      the link to the discord chat should be sorted now. i may have to update it daily.

  15. Okay. Bye.

  16. Heyy

    1. Filipe



  17. lmao I'm sick, perfect.

    Just in time for my holidays.

  18. “Cardi B is so problematic” is the hashtag


    1. LaRaee


      Queen is out. Cardboard who?

  19. How does someone get 800 reputation parts but no activity?

    This isn't shade. It's a legit question!

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