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SWF Guidelines and Rules


  • Have fun
  • Cursing is never allowed considering we may have a younger audience.
  • Respect others. Personal attacks of any kind are not acceptable; this includes trolling, insulting, instigating fights, flaming and swearing of any kind. At times you may disagree with another player, but be respectful.
  • Never share your login, password, email, real name or any personal information, this includes SW and SWF. Never post private chat logs, emails, and or private information that belongs to another person.
  • SWF is here for you to communicate with the community. We welcome everyone’s suggestions to make the Community better for all, so please participate in constructive threads. SWF is listening and we definitely want to make SWF the best SW fansite.
  • Never impersonate a SWF Staff Member. Do not insinuate that you are staff, but feel free to be as helpful as you want.
  • Do not sign up for more than one account. SWF uses a spam detecter and will remove any spam accounts and trace it back to your original account.
  • Sexually explicit material is not acceptable. Violating this rule will make you subject to disciplinary action, including and up to a perm IP ban.
  • Defamation of a Smallworlds/SWF User, Moderator or Administrator will be subject to Moderation action.
  • Discriminating against a persons race, sexual orientation, disability, religion or appearance is not acceptable.
  • Trolling and spam are not allowed.
  • You are allowed to post photos of yourself, cats, dogs, avatar, but keep it professional.
  • Keep threads in the appropriate forums. 
  • You are encouraged to share SWF with friends, post threads, keep the site active and alive!
  • Utilize private messaging for discussing amongst yourself and a friend.
  • If you ever experience issues and need support, contact SWF at support@swfansite.com or post a thread in Community Support.

SWF Moderation Policy

The SWF Moderation Team reserves the right to edit your post, remove a post/thread, close a thread and also remove images/links/videos that are in violation.

We reserve the right to take any of the following actions in regard to a post which violates these Guidelines and Rules. Our actions will vary depending upon the severity of the incident. It may include any one or more of the following (in order of severity):

  • Receive a first warning for behavior.
  • Receive a second warning for continued behavior and note abuse on the account.
  • Account suspended from SWF for a period of time for failure to adhere to previous warnings.
  • Account banned for continued behavior abuse.
  • Individuals who violate the rules of the forums may not receive any warning before an action is taken.


Thank you again, everyone for joining SWF! Let's make it the best. :)


SWF Administration reserves the right to change the Guidelines and Rules at any given time.

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