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  1. Incredibles 2, because I can''t help but go back to my childhood.
  2. Ladies- do you like or dislike skorts? (skirt with shorts underneath). Is it modesty? Or is it awkward? Just curiosity!
  3. Anyone here wanna discuss whether 13 Reasons was a good show or not?
  4. We have this primate rehabilitation center near where I live. I hope, after college, I can work there during my gap year then go to graduate school.
  5. It's pride month, and parades are happening all over the nation. I hope everyone is staying safe!
  6. Question for fellow roleplayers: How do YOU type? Which style if popular where you frequent? Basic/Simple: *she blushed and jumped up* That is not correct! Book Style: "That is not correct!" she blushed and jumped up. Italics: she blushed and jumped up That is not correct! If there's any other variations (which I know there are, hundreds even) I'd love to know which you use!
  7. Death Note American movie on Netflix was god awful in comparison to the real show, but that's just me. The original was wonderful, if not for the fact Light high-key took the steepest downhill plummet into Satan's arms that he possibly could lmao. Still though, a nice original. I personally like K Project a lot (if my name isn't a given). The first season really blows until the end, which is a shame, but the lore behind it and given history is great. Always fun to see some obscures.
  8. Hello! Basset hounds are cute. I have two cats, a dog, and a sugar glider. One of my cats is a Russian Blue. He's very elegant but kind of a jerk.

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