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  1. when I can;t use italics on a game when roleplay i use stars*.. if i can use italics then I will because I want the action to stand out from normal typing so they can tell I am doing an action rather than speaking it.
  2. depend what game i am playing. I either type in 2 ways when doing actions. Robot: *takes a sip of water* Robot: takes a sip of water
  3. i lost my dog recently. the clover on the left i found on the last day i saw her. I saw my mum 2 days ago and she gave me this clover necklace containing some of my dogs ashes (shown on the right). it is a silver necklace in the shape of a clover and has green gems.


  4. there was a lot of drama on avakin last night so i decided to get myself some armor on the game incase they try to attack me again.

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-06-23-12-36-51.png

  5. at the beach again eating ice cream

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-06-23-01-36-03.png

  6. me and inferno on avakin. :)

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-06-22-03-15-11.png

  7. anyone got any ideas of other games i can try playing. I think i might come away from avakin now. I got badly hurt tonight by a group of people. They obviously don't want me on the game anymore and they think I cause nothing but drama which isn't true at all. Hopefully those mean people will understand when i'm gone that I was right all along and was completely honest. All I wanted to do was solve drama between a group of friends but backfired and now no one seems to like me because I tried to solve too much. If anyone has any games that they think is good and could comment below what i should try out next please do. 

  8. i need to get a new wedding dress on avakin... but i'm going to find it so hard to pick one. 

  9. last time i wore shorts was when i was in turkey on holiday and i ended up attracting 3 men in turkey ;'D. I try to keep my legs hidden hahaha.
  10. i think shorts look great only wish i could wear them but i have a vein that sticks out my left leg ;'D. I have a varicose vein on my left leg and when i used to wear shorts people often commented on my vein so I tend to keep my legs covered up mostly. I prefer wearing jeans mostly and i like long dresses.
  11. just finished drawing this. one of my favorite anime characters called sakura chan.

    sakura chan drawing.jpg

  12. i'm going to go make some pizza. i'm hungry now yes.

  13. 201512_1658_cidgh_sm.jpg

    1. Livy Sunflowers

      Livy Sunflowers

      Read two whole novel books, played a few games, and caught up with last episodes of real housewives and still was bored :P


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