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Robot shaz

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  1. Ok so i'm not going to sugar coat this in anyway but my dog was put to sleep today as she was taken to the vet because she was suffering with cancer. I have had a few people verbally attack me on those smallworlds facebook groups so i left both of those groups. Just be considerate that everyone has opinions and I do think smallworlds will come back, if people don't believe me then fine but i have gathered evidence which hints that a new version of smallworlds is coming. If you disagree with me that is fine but obscene language and namecalling is not tolerated. People may think I am lying and trying to raise false hopes but I have done hours of investigation and have tried to gather as much information as possible on what is happening.

    I know for a fact smallworlds will be back as perhaps a new version. I have hope it will return and I'm not going to stop having hope that the game will return because I know there is an extremely high possibility it will. It won't come back as exactly the same as changes will be made..... but i'm sure 95% that a new version of smallworlds is being planned and will be created.

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    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i can't wait for when the day comes it may come back and i can turn around and be like 'what did i say ;)' and then I'll be saying 'What have you learned XD' to those who didn't believe me. I know for a fact a new version should be coming.

    3. Geno Lindley

      Geno Lindley

      Robot, I'm so sorry you had to put your dog down.  That can weigh pretty heavily on your emotions.:icon_cry:

    4. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i was really upset but seeing the lumps and noticing a tumor on her neck we really didn't have a choice but to let the vet put her to sleep to end her suffering. the lumps on her leg were quite obvious to see but it was me who noticed and felt a tumour was beginning to grow on her neck. after i noticed the tumour it started to grow quite fast and it became obvious. if she wasn't put to sleep the tumour would have eventually killed her. so we did the right thing in letting the vet put her to sleep. i'm feeling ok now I just think now that at least my dog isn't in anymore pain.


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