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  1. I wrote a post on the Towncenter reddit and this is how it went....

    just thinking......

    Vince looking back at smallworlds and thinking about what made smallworlds unique compared to other games. I think that the painting and sculpting widgets that smallworlds had, was what made the game special. It was pretty great because it allowed many players to express themselves creatively. The creativity I saw from other players amazed me so much I began doing sculpting myself and it inspired me to keep making stuff in real life too. I feel that as much as it would be great if towncenter allowed people to express themselves and dress up once it gets started... I also feel that it would be great if later on down the line a painting widget or something is put into the game so players can create something in the game too. I am also playing animal crossing new leaf at the moment and I have played so many games lately since the shutdown. In animal crossing you can make new clothes and other stuff just by using like a painting widget thing and then when you finish the design it then can be transformed into shirts and other stuff. I think it would be really good if towncenter releases some painting widget or something that allows players to express themselves creatively. Since I have played games like avakin life and a few others that are all about dressing up, and frankly after a while if dressing up and collecting clothes is the only thing to be doing in the game. Many people then get bored. So i think considering some art widget would keep some entertained and add fun to the game.
    Score hidden·22 hours ago·Stickied comment
    I hear ya, it definitely would be cool to start building painting/sculpting tools & features. But, I really do have to make sure we remain as focused at what we can do with the team and time we have, and try to prioritize activities which are more likely to be more widely received. As an artist myself, I feel the struggle personally too, but I want to be involved to build for others more-so, so for the near future, our priorities will have to remain on making TownCenter really amazing at a few things, instead of making it average at lots of things.

    We also think, longterm, that there are far too many benefits to not 'feature-bloat' with TownCenter, and instead extend outwards with variants of TownCenter which can more heavily focus on other primary activities (fashions, quests, creative, etc). We're confident that we can retain a strong community-bond between these variants with a friendship/chat system that connects everyone, while allowing all the benefits of having these unique, balanced, optimized, and focused games.

    fairywazza (me robot shaz)

    sounds good vince but do think about adding an art widget at a later date. I just think it may be risky making the game heavily focused on fashion since already there are games like imvu, avakin life, covet fashion that are all fashion dressup like games. If Towncenter becomes too much fashion based some may find it boring unless you find a way to add contests etc. i have been playing avakin life which is all fashion focused and often i have seen many complaining about that game being boring. Also if towncenter does become a fashion focused game i think fashion contests would be good to add. I think quests would be nice to have in the new game and competitions definitely.


    1. Filipe


      I felt that tbh the main part was the amount of freedom you had. All the possibilities and interactions with items that could be done

  2. hello everyone. if you are wondering where i have gone and been . Just recently I have been helping with setting up a discord server for friendtalk. Feel free to join it https://discord.gg/pajEsTU and check out the new discord server if you want to :).

  3. I have checked the new towncenter app out. I love how colorful things are and how we can drag the panels around and click on and off them. As i have already said only thing bothering me is having to scroll through so much junk in the inventory. I wonder if we will keep this stuff we see right now or if we will all have to completely start over fresh. I know one thing for sure that if we do by chance keep our stuff. I have so much to get rid of. Finding stuff in the inventory system is pretty hard and at the moment my inventory is so messy. Having said all that though, i'm looking forward to seeing what else comes out, and i can't wait until we hopefully have the ability to talk and i'm eager to see if we can move around a space soon enough.


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    2. Dec Fox
    3. Ben
    4. Chilli Rivera

      Chilli Rivera

      Nice being able to chat to RobotShaz on the new TownCenter ?




    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i'm so excited right now hahaha

  5. lately since smallworlds has been gone i have been playing sims 3, avakin life, and sims freeplay. i love sims 3 the best at the moment as i have the supernatural, university and pets expansion packs. so far i am really enjoying the magic on sims 3. Though as much as I love playing all these other games i'm still waiting for smallworlds to return hopefully at some point.

  6. the university mascot on sims 3


  7. the other day i was playing sims 3 and i had a problem of not being able to kill off one of my sims. an old lady had passed the lifespan age and wouldn't die of old age so i tried to starve her. sadly the reaper brought her back to life though and so i tried to then drown her. the reaper again brought her back to life a second time straight away. i tried to starve her again and for the third time. the old lady escaped dying again and was brought back to life by the reaper again. I got that fed up i placed the old lady in a room with a stove and tried to set her on fire but she wouldn't catch fire and burn to death. she somehow survived the fire no clue how.

    anyways after that i sent the old lady off to university and made her drop out straight away. as soon as the lady arrived back home a day later she finally died from old age. XD




  8. some screenshots i took while playing avakin life. there is a new london themed space on that game which is pretty cool.

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-11-07-01-03-10.png

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-11-07-01-03-57.png

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-11-07-01-04-10.png

    My Avakin Life Snapshot-2018-11-07-01-05-12.png

  9. i set a challenge for anyone who plays the sims games. Try and see how messy you can make a house ;D. this is how messy i got one little house on the sims 3.

  10. drawing a did yesterday for someone. 


  11. hello everyone. I was just looking through my emails and saw the site is back and so am I :D. 

  12. my farm on farmville2 looked like this the other day. farmville 2 is an alright game on facebook that is about growing crops and your farm. You can plant alsorts of things and then you can use the things you harvest to make food. You can sell what you grow or use them to create food that sells for more. I like the game because you can buy and look after many farm animals too.

    robot fRM.jpg

  13. i have been playing sims 3, farmville 2 and avakin lately. this is a video i did on sims. one of my houses got a bit messy.

    1. Chilli Rivera

      Chilli Rivera

      LOL! Were you the one who had to clean up or the other one who snuck in for some zzz's in bed? - she was a bit cheeky, eh?


  14. one of my favorite songs ;'D

    1. Austin Kincaid

      Austin Kincaid

      This song is my life. 

  15. :D

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      how about a scarf and the guy throws scarf on the lady lol xD

  16. https://discord.gg/CThAAJ


    hi everyone so lately I decided to go and create a new group on discord 'Bring smallworlds back'. If anyone wants to join it you might be able to click that link. If anyone happens to be on the discord then go ahead and join if you like.

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz


      this group is aqua lounge another smallworlds discord group my friend made. Feel free to join aqua lounge too if you are on discord at anytime.

    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i'm also going to be telling people about the swfansites very shortly also on discord


    3. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      the link to the discord chat should be sorted now. i may have to update it daily.


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