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      If you were affected by the recent database issue and ARE missing reputation, posts, or currency - please PM Brad.

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  1. Bootlegged MiniMundos

    well that was horrifying. couldnt find any other english speaking players in the 'space' sadly update: now im stuck in an empty blue void
  2. Smallworld Concept Art

    these are really cool, shame they never got round to releasing most of them. the kakapo drafts look really weird tho, especially love the welcome to smallworlds spaces i think these are from SWX ^
  3. Has anyone got any ideas?

    the smallworlds discord server is lit. we were bopping to 'barbie girl' earlier!
  4. Today is the Day

    welllll this was posted at 11pm new zealand time on April 10th (day of liquidation) sooooo technically it was on the right day....
  5. Today is the Day

    Today is the day Smallworlds goes into liquidation! (issa joke)
  6. wHaT

    So they tell us for ages that Smallworlds is definitely going to close permanently on the 8th and it'll be all deleted and there's no hope and then as soon as it closes they say they're in talks and the game's coming back soon?! wHaT.
  7. What are y'all doing in the final hours?

    well that was weird. Finally reached CL 1000 for the very end!
  8. I'm refunding my entire inventory rn
  9. Darren Green responded to my email.

    If this will happen how long do you think it would take? Would it be days, weeks or maybe even months before we see the rewritten and even when it opens what would it be like?
  10. When did you join SW?

    November 25th 2010, few weeks later that account got permanently banned for being underage... I was 9 then, next year I'll be 18!
  11. Favorite monthly collectible ?

    The mighty Kakapo will be my favorite monthly forever and always
  12. Whats your opinion

    I'm enjoying being able to wear some items I've never had access to before, just wish they'd give us more of them before the end! I'm still hoping to see that Zebra Top available though... Now my goal is to get CL 1000 before the end, but from my calculations that'll cost 17k gold and I have 3k.... dang.
  13. Greetings all! I'm no longer on the Smallworlds Forums due to corruption in the forum moderation team which has led to me and many others sadly being banned permanently for the last few days for no reason so I guess I'll be here being weird and sharing memories and stuff! I'm still on SW for the last few days on my avatar Lara Arabella so yeah hi:D