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Blake Newports

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  1. Hey Roland! Long time no talk my friend, how are you? 

    1. Roland Leigh

      Roland Leigh

      I'm good thanks! Yourself?


    2. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      I am doing good. Just miss stopping in with my friend in Smallworlds, but I can surely stop in here and talk to you haha! 

  2. How do we get a hold of Brad nowadays? Been trying to reach him, lol. 

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i haven't spoke to brad in a while but hopefully he will be on this site soon.

  3. Hello my to my favorite people :) 

  4. 5aec8dafc607d_NEWSCOMINGSOON.png.2d5aa8bb41d05937d9d51bdb720da2b0.png

    Not trying to spoil anything but...

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      you can't do that. you need to tell everyone the news now. 

    2. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      It's something Brad is going to introduce. He's just taking his time. 

  5. Brad I need you to wake up lol. Be on the swf.rocks 24/7 haha. :D


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