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      If you were affected by the recent database issue and ARE missing reputation, posts, or currency - please PM Brad.


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  1. SWF Store - What do you want?

    @Goldsolid, Please note that the store is officially closed for the administration to fix and update. Please do not inform users of loopholes as this could cause issues for their payments or accounts. Additionally, should you use the store when it is unavailable, this may bring alternate concerns which administration may have to investigate, consequently delaying the re-opening of the store. @Geno Lindley, Thank you for your interest in trying to purchase additional items from the store . Though, as mentioned above, the store is officially closed and we request that you do not visit the store without explicit permission from the administrators.
  2. Bootlegged MiniMundos

    Robot, I have merged your posts together to stop your posts from 'flooding'. You will not face moderation action as this does not break our guidelines.
  3. Highest CL you've seen?

    123,456? That’s a lot of gold or money..
  4. Bootlegged MiniMundos

    The site is most likely breaking several laws. It’s glitchy and was clearly just rushed .
  5. Database error - 04/21/2018

    Goldsolid, It is a shame that this incident has occurred. The issue is currently under investigation in order to establish the individual(s) responsible. Agencies such as ActionFraud will be contacted for further correspondence. I have locked this thread with the exception of Brad posting updates in regards to the investigation.
  6. Congratulations, Geno on your achievement of the Knight status. 

    1. Geno Lindley

      Geno Lindley


  7. Story Time S1 E1

    Blake, This is a really good idea and already liking the storyline. Looking forward to the next episode.
  8. Hello Everyone, Following discussion with Forum Administration, I am creating this thread to inform you all of the unused Club Feature. This can be found under the 'Browse' tab on the navigation menu. You can easily create your own club, and customise it to your own content. We would like to impose some statutory guidelines for using this feature. The following are; Please do not charge tokens or gold for entry of your clan. You additionally can not decline a member entry of your clan if they have a lack of funds You can keep your club restricted to VIP Members only. You must, however, ensure this is clearly stated in the Club's title. Your club can not be a sole purpose of defaming users or other groups You can have competitive groups, as long as both parties are fully consensual to this In the event that your club has no-sign ups, your club may be closed. We want clubs to be kept active as possible You can advertise your club through the following information Age-restricted content should be monitored by the owner Knowingly recruiting a user who is under or over the age of your specified age-restriction is not allowed Your club may be suspended You may also face moderation action Posting age-restricted content in a non-age-restricted club may result in you being Removed from the club (if you're not an owner) Facing Moderation Action The Club being closed Advertising your Club If you have created a Club, we advise that you create a thread which explains your club. You should include; Who the group is for If you have any additional rules which people should follow If the group is age restricted 16+ 18+ Under 16s Under 18s A logo or emblem if your club contains one How your application/recruitment process works If you currently own a club, you will have been asked to create a thread. Please now create a thread if you have the intention, or have already, created a Club. All the best, Tom
  9. Smallworld Concept Art

    Sua, Thank you. Will have a look now.
  10. Smallworld Concept Art

    Dec, Thank you for sharing these concepts. Could you please either edit your post to contain a Source or respond to this comment, as it would be really useful.
  11. An unforgettable moment you had on smallworlds?

    Creating roleplay agencies and making them too realistic so that no one understood, then being confused why I had no staff working for me at these agencies.
  12. Smallworlds Sound Effects (UPDATED WEEKLY)

    Blake, May I ask where you access these files? I haven't actually looked.
  13. [REMOVED]

    Fabian, Our moderation team work hard to ensure the forums are kept closely monitored. You should however report a post regardless if you notice moderation action or not. By reporting a post, all staff members are notified via e-mail to which they will respond in a swift, but professional manner. Julian has been penalised for his actions and the appropriate moderation for this specific offence has been applied. I would like to remind you that sexually explicit material is strictly prohibited on the forums. Thread Closed
  14. What are y'all doing in the final hours?

    Not even logged in - completely lagging with this computer
  15. Currencies: Gold & Tokens - Beta

    Should you have any questions or wish to report an issue in regards to payments please visit the thread in Community Support to seek the appropriate support.