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  1. Starting a new major this upcoming fall semester...special education teaching! I can't wait! -_-

    1. Compromise


      Sounds exciting! 

  2. I'm mad as hell, someone had the audacity to think they are that cool with me to eat my dam pop tart this morning. They didn't even care that I labeled as "(real name-mines!)" The disrespect! Lmao

    1. Brad


      Don't touch our pop tarts!!

    2. Chilli Rivera

      Chilli Rivera

      You should label your food with "POISON - DO NOT EAT!" :devil:


  3. *waits patiently for my favorite font to be added to the list* I absolutely love Gouldy Old Style, the font is my favorite! 💜

  4. My household family consists of me, my mother and older sister. Dad lives with us as well but he's a cruise director so we barely see him in person as he is traveling the seas with millions of passengers year round. He's currently working for Royal Caribbean but he has been with two other companies like Carnival and Disney. We live on a 9-acre lot so I and my older sister actually live together in a separate house built in the backyard of our parent's house (sort of speak). Best of both worlds, right? Kind of. Our home though is much different as it is a tiny house which is perfect for the both of us. 580 square feet in total. To the side of our house, is an even tinier house for my two jack terriers built about 320 square feet. So yeah
  5. I'm currently in a relationship with myself as well ^-^
  6. I already have two jack terriers but I want to adopt another dog but a different breed, maybe like a corgi or something similar B|

  7. For those who are wondering...

    My favorite color is Burgundy if some didn't know by now :P

  8. Greetings!

    I have a question for you guys and gals.

    Should people care about doing the right thing, or doing things right? I have been asked this in my peer leadership classes back in middle school. What do you think?

    Let me know your opinion!

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      personally, sometimes I think it is ok to break the rules and do what you want to do rather than follow someone's orders. Also I think you shouldn't worry if things go wrong or you make mistakes. Sometimes you can actually learn more and discover something exciting if you make a mistake. So I wouldn't care whether I do something right or wrong as long as you don't end up hurting anyone it should be ok to make mistakes and do things wrong.

    2. Compromise


      Doing the right thing! Sometimes going by the book isn't going to be morally or ethically right.

  9. Good morning everyone! Tazo Wild Sweet Orange is the drink of the day for me, I absolutely love herbal tea :x

    1. Chanel Puccia

      Chanel Puccia

      Good morning Livy! :) 

      Chanel :) 

  10. Goodnight! 

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      goodnight :)

    2. Austin Kincaid

      Austin Kincaid



  11. Greetings! Lovers of Crystals/Gemstones club soon coming together...I'll keep you guys updated. It is a closed club but not all the way private :P I'm sure you guys can see the description though so check it out whenever you get the chance too! Ta-Ta!

  12. Greetings! Hope everyone is having a #ChillinMonday afternoon! I'm spending the rest of my day at home with my lovely companions and ice cream. It's been drizzling all week :D

  13. I always wondered if there were any crystal/gemstone collectors out there, maybe you're a spiritual person too who loves crystals just as I do! I, however, like to also include just a bit of magick and healing to crystals/gemstones. I've started on this particular practice just around the time I initially began to actually expand my faith. So we're talking maybe 14, 15...I believe. Check out one of my collections! If you have crystals/gemstones that you collect, whether you may use them for jewelry, decoration, you use them for healing or spiritual purposes, I wanna know and what's your favorite(s)? Comment below! 

    ^_^ I mainly use these for channeling aura moods as well as they look quite spectacular near my window in the mornings! My personal favorites are amethyst, rainbow moonstone, citrine, selenite, and pyrite. Oh and can't forget fluorite!


    Raw Crystals (Group #6).png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      one thing i know though when you buy crystals see if any of them make your hands tingle because some cystals are just full of energy while other ones are not as much. also remember to cleanse your crystals from negativity :). especially if another person touches your crystals make sure the crystals are cleansed and I often use water to cleanse them and then leave them out in the sunlight for a bit.

    3. Andrew Ashford

      Andrew Ashford

      Happy to know you guys are quite an enthusiast too! We should make a club :D I'll be glad to share my #crystalaltar. It's sitting nicely on a striped cloth on my windowsill. Some of the crystals/gemstones include raw or tumbled like Amethyst, Selenite, Super 7, Rose Quartz, Bloodstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Honey Calcite, Green Aventurine etc I also have my crystals journal with doodles, little notes, my own made dictionary of my crystals and their properties or uses followed by my favorite quote by Vincent Van Gogh on the cover front B|




    4. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      aw wow nice collection Andrew :D. i love the look of that book and I love vincent van gogh a lot I visited the van gogh museum in amsterdam it was fabulous :D.

  14. Lovely Robot! Keep it up <3

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