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  1. Honestly, people aren't grateful enough and I feel like we should all be. There are people out there suffering with bigger problems while we're here sat on our comfy beds, sad because your friend deleted you off Snap because she got a new boyfriend.

    Be grateful. I for one will not be. One of the great things that I'm grateful for is having other amazing friends. Very supportive ones that I can do and go anywhere with them. Not only that but I'm grateful for every word they say and every kind action that they have done to me. I will refuse to let minor irrelevant things get to me!

    I feel like if any of you are grateful for anything, you may comment, it could even make you feel better and realise how lucky you really are. To have good food on your dining table, to be able to drink a refreshing drink and not worry about diseases and to actually sleep in a nice bed, all tucked in while you rest for another day that you will probably take for granted 💙💙

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      Definitely. I think so many people take things for granted and people don't realize what they have until it is gone. it is like someone can be jealous that they don't have a car but that person may have a bike. Another person could be sad they don't have a bike but then at least that person has legs and can walk. Another person might be unable to walk and might be sad that they can't  but that person might have a wheel chair. Someone else might not have legs at all and is in need of a wheel chair but doesn't have one. 

      someone will always be in a worse situation and so it is best to be grateful for the things you do have. there is always someone better and always someone else worse off but its best to appreciate the things you have and not compare yourself to someone else.


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