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      If you were affected by the recent database issue and ARE missing reputation, posts, or currency - please PM Brad.

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  1. Bootlegged MiniMundos

    The site is officially closed down.
  2. Thanks for being part of SWF - Gold Giveaway

    Uh wow! Free gold, why not?
  3. Story Time S1 E1

    Hello Everyone, I am going to start something new on this forum which is called; Storytime. Now I know that you all can read boring stories and most of them won't amuse you, but as life goes on, I am wanting to make something new and something very interesting for people. Anyone can add anything they want in the comments - the story will updated every Sunday! The Last Avatar E1 S1: It marks 15 days since I've been alone on this planet. I've never been so bored in my life. Honestly, I think anything can amaze me right now, but since the first day it's been dark. No stars, comets, or planes. My mom and dad told me 15 days ago that they were going on a vacation, but now they never call anymore. They called me 1 time and that was yesterday, and they told me that they loved me. I am Gravity Light and I am the only survivor left in my town. Now what a coincidence, "Gravity is your name are you a part of our earth?" Haha, NO! I am a 14 year old female and I am trying to know more about whats going on. I am very good in cyber security and getting to crack my phone almost everyday, but since yesterday the outside world hasn't spoken. I watched my last favorite show yesterday, Good Luck Charley on Disney channel. *BEEP, BEEP, BEEP* What could that be another person who ran to the outside world of no escape? Its now 11:54 PM and I am sitting on my front porch all alone. Writing to you all, hoping to find a new hope, a family, or maybe a escape out of this. I live on earth, but earth isn't what it use to be. It use to have billions of people, but now it just has 1 and that is me, sadly. Gravity picks up her phone and listens to a voice mail she thought she was dreaming of hearing in her sleep yesterday, "Gravity this is mommy, and I need to tell you, whatever you do, don't run away from home. We have a shield around our house, and that is why your still safe from the outside. Whatever you do, don't go away from the front porch. It may look nice, but that is a shield showing you things you can't see. Gravity they can see you. Mommy and daddy are joining the military to try to end whatever is happening, so please stay safe! Love you doodlebug." Gravity cries. She thinks why didn't anyone tell her about this. Yeah she is really smart, but she still has a heart and an imagination. My mom told me stay inside this house, what if I don't? TO BE CONTINUED... (SNEAK PEEK)
  4. Smallworlds Sound Effects (UPDATED WEEKLY)

    @Tom I can't release secrets now ... Eventually everyone will find Smallworlds assets, I just won't be the one to tell where they're at lol.
  5. Smallworlds Sound Effects (UPDATED WEEKLY)

    Iris, Yeah Smallworlds still hasn't closed a lot of things :). Well, I am able to still view a lot of features Smallworlds has to offer. I was even able to load in world yesterday when it was I and 5 other people. Weird lol, keep checking Smallworlds because they still have some bugs to where you can slide in through. -Blake
  6. Smallworlds Sound Effects (UPDATED WEEKLY)

    Avatar Noises: Male Talking: https://tinyurl.com/y9czjubx Male Laughing: https://tinyurl.com/ycuszvmm Female Whistle: https://tinyurl.com/ybkawnt6 Female Sad: https://tinyurl.com/ycm37dax Female Clap: https://tinyurl.com/ybetv4oz Angel Sound: https://tinyurl.com/y8dx34pe Smallworlds Gangster: https://tinyurl.com/yc7w8gny Never Released Sounds: Female Squeek: https://tinyurl.com/ya3nub3j Other Sounds: Toilet Flush: https://tinyurl.com/y942pxtu Coffee Pouring: https://tinyurl.com/y8on8nfu Rotation Noise: https://tinyurl.com/y9ljzvq7
  7. The End...

    Yeah we do need to wait and see what happens, but your very welcome! Loved hanging out with Gabby <3
  8. Varatta (SOON TO COME)

    Hey SWF-Community, My friend and his team created a game named; Varatta: Slayer of Zel'Alar and I am the person who is suppose to advertise their game. They have built this game over the last few months and it is currently in development of the alpha stage. They need help getting the word out and getting it started. Please check out their site at www.varattagame.com. Thank you guys.
  9. The End...

    Hey SWF-Community, I know it can be hard to lose a game. More so when you have played this game for a 3rd of your life, but I'm sure you'll find another happiness. I mean that is why Brad created a forum that has amazing features such as messaging and all the fun soon to come things to this forum! Here are some pictures from earlier .
  10. SWFS Center

    Hello SWF Community, Come to the Smallworlds Fansite Center in support of promoting our forums more! The more people that join the more friends you have to keep in contact with . LINK: http://www.smallworlds.com/space/447a90a000221e0b4e11947f0c95ae2e/
  11. MQK TV Vince Gee Interview

    In case you've been wanting to know more about whats been happening around Smallworlds, here's a video that Tyler Finest made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CimH5aIFYJU
  12. Whats your opinion

    I've enjoyed a lot about the rares now honestly
  13. Greetings

    Hello SWFansite, I'd like to welcome everyone who has joined SWFansite! We're constantly growing and getting more people to join our site, and for that, I thank the community as a whole. We're here for your entertainment, and for you to keep in touch with your friends or your Smallworlds family. We want to keep everyone updated with new things, or what is happening with Smallworlds as its leaves all of us. We're able to keep in touch with thousands of people on this site and that is how we are able to keep you updated with what is going on through factual resources. I've been with SWFansite since they became a forum, and now Brad the site owner, he is advancing SWFansite so we can do many of other things with the community on here. SWFansite offers a much different variety of chats for you all the keep in touch with many people, we focus more on communication on here than anything else. We feel that you should be able to chat with people other than just mailing them. In a sense, this is a Facebook for Smallworlds players. But we are a wider range, we allow everyone from any game to join our forums. As I welcome you, I'd love to keep you all updated with many amazing things that are happening on this site. Brad and the rest of the team constantly welcome new people and update the site almost every day for a better experience. SWFansite where we bring the entertainment to you. -SWFansite Team.
  14. Whats your opinion

    Hey Community, How do you all feel about the rares Smallworlds released? Although they are beta it just brings the value down a lot, even if people aren't really selling anymore. Just tell me how you feel about it -Blake.
  15. Thanks for following me Blake! :)
    1. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      You're very welcome :)