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  1. Today I used Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy to measure the sodium content of a sports drink! Pretty cool stuff... 

  2. I don't usually walk around outside but lately I've been having to because I didn't have any other transport to use... and it's been suffocating.

    I hate cigarette smoke. I've had to go through passive smoking (and yes I did try to hold my breath whilst walking past but that didn't really do much) and my lungs and throat felt horrible. I acknowledge that smoking is a personal preference but I seriously hate being near cigarette smoke. 

    1. Brad


      I hold my breath whenever I walk by someone smoking as well. Second hand smoke is real!

    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      My mum used to smoke while she was pregnant with me. I remember my mum said to me that when i was born i actually stopped breathing for a moment I did and I scared her. My dad used to smoke a lot also and was smoking since he was around 12 years old and he used to smoke while I was sat in the car. I used to moan at both my parents for smoking and luckily i did get them both to quit. Though my dad soon started smoking again and probably still does now. My mum though she has now gone years without smoking because I helped encouraged her to quit. I also remember years ago I used to be in derby county ladies pool team and I was a pool player and would play in this team against other cities, and I remember they used to smoke in the pubs and it was just awful. I remember trying to play games of pool and the room was just filled with smoke that I did struggle to play the game and concentrate because of the fog caused by people smoking over the pool tables and in the rooms.

    3. Compromise


      Yeah, it's sad to see the impact it has on people's lives. 

  3. "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Compromise


      LOL. Maybe you're right about that.:icon_biggrin:


    3. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      i could always draw a door instead ;D. though I doubt people would come knocking on my door xD

    4. Austin Kincaid

      Austin Kincaid

      This is a great quote. I love it. 

  4. Your dog is cute

    1. Compromise


      I knowww. Gonna miss my ol' pal.

  5. Everything's gon' be alright.


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