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Roland Leigh

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Roland Leigh last won the day on October 8 2018

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  1. Not been on here in a long while, but eh, I miss it! Might stop in every so often- how are you all?

    1. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      Hey welcome back my dude! 

    2. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      hello roland how are you?

  2. Hey Roland! Long time no talk my friend, how are you? 

    1. Roland Leigh

      Roland Leigh

      I'm good thanks! Yourself?


    2. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      I am doing good. Just miss stopping in with my friend in Smallworlds, but I can surely stop in here and talk to you haha! 

  3. Hello all,


    I think it's time I say something. I left 2 weeks ago, quit! But it's just boring having all the gold I won't spend so I've given it away, and now, I'll be deleting this account. 

    Goodbye, Roland 


    1. Blake Newports

      Blake Newports

      Take care Roland! It was a pleasure to have you on SWFansite, but as always it will be sad to see you go. I hope you enjoy and life brings the best to you my dear friend :) .

    2. Brad


      See ya on the flip side. :)

  4. image.thumb.png.1be3efe23eff8afb9c35dd224833e9aa.pngCasually waits for 6,013 people to follow xD

  5. Hey guys! I'm going to start uploading more I think :D [What sort of stuff do you want me to post?]

    1. Robot shaz

      Robot shaz

      you could talk about any films you have been watching if you watch anything good. Music videos. random funny images you see from the internet.

  6. So ill....eughhhh! :S

    1. Filipe


      ew disgusting, get well soon. I also hate being sick smh :/ 

    2. Roland Leigh

      Roland Leigh

      I hate being sick, I rarely get sick which makes it worse :D

  7. I bet we can comment about 300 in 24 hours...let's try! To play just say 'Roleplay' in a comment- you can say it as many times as you want
  8. I know there's Chit Chat City but it's kind of lame...any others?
  9. I actually rarely role played....standing on your own with NPCs wasn't much of a roleplay experience
  10. Roland Leigh

    Smallworlds Roleplaying

    I refreshed and then came the real horror...there were over 100 people, 'I guess I wasn't the only one who got the invite' ?
  11. Roland Leigh

    Smallworlds Roleplaying

    But I didn't want to just leave smallworlds EMPTY...so I start a store ready for when people do come. Turns out rares like twilight handbag are on a one day exclusive so I hoard them up, wait for the gold I say in my head - knowing that not many will come, or so I thought 'Connection closed unexpectedly'
  12. Mine is just every day roleplay, I don't really like fantasy/adventure...hbu?
  13. Roland Leigh

    Why do you like Roleplay?

    I just like it because it's a fun way to express myself without rules...hbu?
  14. I think mine was Sunnyside Daycare (I'm basic ?) - hbu?
  15. Roland Leigh

    Smallworlds Roleplaying

    And now I want to go and meet everyone but...it's...it's..EMPTY! So I run around sw spamming 'Come out come out wherever you are' in the hopes someone is there..But there's nothing..just emptiness

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